An air purifier can also drastically reduce the symptoms of pollen and other allergies. Pollen and dust are a constant source of irritation for allergy sufferers. Even those who are not allergic to dust often find the pollen count very high during spring time. Virtually everyone is affected by dust and pollen every day. An air purifier can eliminate or at least significantly reduce the amount of dust particles floating in the air, thus providing allergy sufferers with improved health and an improved quality of life.

Air purifiers can also greatly improve your pet's asthma symptoms, especially if you are allergic to pet dander. Pet dander is the remains of dead animals and humans that have passed through a pet's skin. This substance can trigger asthma attacks in some individuals causing drastic reactions from the air quality in the home. Air purifiers can greatly improve the quality of the air in the home and can potentially reduce allergies and asthma attacks in your pet and family.;u=245311

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