Putting the Single in Single Parent I had a great labor day weekend, and not because I had a ton of plans. I actually didn’t have much going on. My daughter’s off at college. My son was off with his mom. A lot of my friends were out of town. For the most part, I was all alone. How did things go? Great! Ten years ago when I first got divorced, I would have hated the prospect of a long weekend all to myself. I would have made some plan, any plan, that involved other people. Single Parent, Empty House, Full Life These days, I’m more comfortable with my single time alone. I get out plenty with friends – sailing, wine tasting, seeing movies, catching a game. But I also spend a lot of time doing things all by myself. This past weekend, I did things that made me think: “I’m in heaven!” I don’t mean that in an anti-social way. I wasn’t in heaven because I was alone. Rather, I did things that were totally fulfilling, and brought a feeling of contentment. It doesn’t take a trip to Vegas or Palm Springs to get me feeling good. I kept things grounded and simple.

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